VIP Flight Attendant training
 14-18 October, Lausanne
 11-15 November, Lausanne

Vreau să fiu Stewardesă in partnership with Meccti LTD and Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne (EHL), the best hospitality school in the world, present - “Silver Spoon” in flight F&B Services - an unique and exclusivist training dedicated to both future VIP Flight Attendants aspiring to enter the corporate aviation industry and current VIP Flight Attendants wishing to enhance and value their professional experience and skills.

5 days of training at the most prestigious hospitality school in the world

The training is highly interactive, using group exercises, role plays and theory to provide practical and theoretical knowledge. There is an emphasis on mindset and attitude to provide customer service excellence throughout the 5 day programme. The training will be delivered by Michelin star chefs, experts on VIP Protocol and Etiquette and it will take place at EHL in Lausanne, Switzerland.

International certification 

This is an international certification training accredited by EHL. Participants will receive an international certificate when they complete the course.

Topics to be covered

The training will focus on soft skills and hard skills required for customer service excellence in the private aviation field

Service etiquette & VIP protocol

Self-Image, dress code and grooming
Mindset and culture for personalized service
Verbal and non verbal communication

Cultural awareness

Cross cultural awareness concepts
Role of culture in communication
 Gestures in different cultures

Menu creation & Cabin decoration

Basic of menu engineering
Season, variety, how to find balance?   Minimizing waste
Product selection – telling a story
How to be creative in the plate
Amenities/Alternative decoration of the cabin

Practical workshop in kitchen, service and bar

Tray and basic food service techniques
Service style & protocol

Matching food and beverages

Beverages basics (wines) / Bar service
Food and wine pairing

Minimizing waste and cost control

Food handling safety and hygienne
Stock & waste management

Key to personal effectiveness
Thriving for Customer Service Excellence

  Working with a team  /  How to use strenghs and weaknesses to your   advantage
Successful communication

Private airline amenities workshop
Dealing with small workspace

Role plays and scenarios

BUDGET - 3500 $

First payment: 500 $ (when registering for the course)
Second Payment: 1500 $ (2 months before day 1 of training)
Third Payment: 1500 $ (2 weeks before day  1 of training)


If the training is cancelled less than two weeks before the training, the entire deposit will not be refunded.

If the training is cancelled less than two months prior to the training, the first instalment (50% of total cost) will not be refunded.


École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) is  consistently regarded as the best hospitality school in the world. It trains students whose goals are to obtain managerial careers in the hospitality industries. Today, the school welcomes more than 2,600 students from 107 different countries.

125 Years of Innovation & Excellence
 Since EHL invented the concept of Hotel Management education in 1893, it has continually pioneered new programs and teaching methods to deliver the highest quality of education. Likewise, EHL has contributed knowledge and resources to encourage innovation and sent thousands of exemplary graduates into the industry.


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